Dinolift Launches Stakeholder Survey to Address Sustainability Concerns

We’re seeking the invaluable input of stakeholders through a comprehensive sustainability survey. This initiative is an integral part of our ongoing efforts to deepen our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. We will use the given answers to this survey as part of building our sustainability program.

Understanding that sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, the survey is designed to glean insights on a wide range of related issues that Dinolift Oy should prioritize. The areas of interest include:

  • Environmental aspects of our production operations and products
  • Our role as a responsible employer
  • Safety of our products
  • Upholding human rights and social responsibility
  • Sustainable procurement practices
  • Sustainable governance and management responsibility

Our goal with this survey is to guide our future strategies and initiatives, and set a benchmark for our performance in these areas. We believe that by integrating sustainable principles into our operations, we can better serve our stakeholders and foster a healthier planet.

Dinolift stakeholders will be invited to participate in the survey through email this week. Please note that the survey will be open for two weeks. Your responses will be collected anonymously, ensuring that the information cannot be linked to individual respondents.

For any further queries or assistance, kindly reach out to Raija Savolainen, Sustainability Manager at Dinolift Oy, at 040 560 2690 or via email at raija.savolainen@dinolift.com.


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