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MyDINO is a practical tool that helps you to be on top of everything and make the most out of your DINOs. Real time data and insights allow you to be one step ahead so you can make better decisions that will save money, time and nerves. Even on the go!

Be one step ahead

With MyDINO real time machine data feed you will be able to predict upcoming maintenance needs and solve possible error situations as fast as possible or even before they occur. ​

Make better decisions

MyDINO telematics tool gives you valuable data insights about your DINOs so you can maximize efficiency and machine up-time of your fleet. You can also optimize the CO2 levels of your DINOs.​

Save money, time and nerves

Taking better care of your fleet and being able to make smart decisions remotely saves money, time, and nerves for everyone involved.

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MyDINO is a practical tool to help you manage your fleet like a champion and make the most out of your DINOs.


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Advanced data made simple

MyDINO is a practical tool to help you manage your fleet like a champion and make the most out of your DINOs. It is a handy helper in everyday work and an invaluable assistant in predicting the possibilities and preventing pitfalls.

MyDINO is advanced data made simple and easy-to-use and utilize even on the go. It helps you to make better decisions for better business and smoother workflow.

MyDINO is designed in a true Dinolift way: with commitment to engineering excellence, innovation & quality and powered by Trackunit, the most popular platform in the industry. A unique combination of vital information required as industry standards and add-on data, so you’ll get absolutely everything you need and some more to be up to your job.

Your DINO with MyDINO make a perfect match that lifts connectivity, efficiency, and safety to new heights.

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To whom?

MyDINO helps fleet managers, service managers, technicians as well as machine operators to be on top of their job whether they are in the office, on the field or on the crane deck.


Fleet management

Fault diagnosis

CO2 optimizing

Maintenance planning


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