New telematics solution: MyDINO digital platform

On 25th August 2022, Dinolift held a launch event to release the new MyDINO digital platform for
all Dinolift lightweight MEWPs.

MyDINO is a new digital platform based on Trackunit hardware and software – further enhanced by
Dinolift with the development support from Trackunit. MyDINO provides an insight into the DINO MEWP via the mobile application or the desktop version.
It is designed for the end customer/operator of the lift, fleet management as well as technical support at Dinolift, distributor or rental company technical support.

MyDINO is available right now for all new DINO MEPWs and it will be a standard feature on all deliveries in the beginning of 2023. MyDINO is also possible to retrofit to most older DINO models.

MyDINO Press Release