DINO lightweight product family grows

DINO 230VTH – Hybrid. Electrified silence up to the job.

Dinolift launched a new 3,5t vehicle mounted diesel electric hybrid MEWP, DINO 230VTH, at Platformers’ Days 2021. The latest addition to the DINO lightweight family is an expansion to the vehicle mounted DINO VT series and it brings the series to a new league within battery/diesel powered products. Since all electric lift operations are possible, access work can be carried out in silence and with zero local emissions also indoors. Like its predecessor, the 230VTH is designed and built 100% rental-proof; it is cost-efficient in use and can be driven with B-class driver’s licence. Furthermore, it is the only hybrid in its size class having a seat for co-driver in the cabin.

Using the power from a LiFePo battery back DINO 230VTH allows silent and emission free operation, which adds remarkably to the versatile use of the lift. It enables working indoors and in other emission restricted areas such as city centres, halls, and inner courts. The 5kWh capacity of the LiFePo battery pack enables all electric lift operation for one day without the need for a charge during the day.

In addition to the environmental benefits the electric use also significantly improves the operator experience. Operating in the basket is smooth and steady without any trembling or disturbing odours from the exhaust. To the user-friendliness also add the features common to the DINO 230VT: intuitive and simple controls, an easy-entry basket with a safe non-slip stairway and the excellent view from the basket over the entire working envelope.

An important design principle of the DINO 230VTH was to provide the battery use in addition to all the crucial standard features of the VT series. Although the environmental aspects were the key drivers behind the design, the flexible and versatile use of the machine has not been compromised. In the 3500kg weight is included two drivers according to European norms, the weight of 90% fuel and full AdBlue tank for longer journeys. Diesel engine remains as an operational source when battery is low or when the working environment is suitable and battery life will be needed for another job the same day. The standard 1kW inverter charges the high voltage battery while the diesel engine is running if the operator wishes to do so.

The entire DINO VT series is purpose-built for rental use, and it suits for operating in varying conditions and temperatures. Special attention has been paid to preventing breakage and maximizing uptime. Robust construction is designed and built for heavy use and all components are well-protected. Extensive service documentation and excellent spare part availability also increase the lift’s long-term cost-effectiveness.

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